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Welcome to Kimber Hills Academy, a Christian school and community located in Fremont. For the last three decades, Kimber Hills Academy (formerly known as Christian Community Schools) has served a vast community in providing a challenging and nurturing education to children ages 18 months through 5th grade, and continues to provide a variety of opportunities and experiences for each child.

Quality Education with Christian Values

At Kimber Hills Academy, students learn to open their minds and let loose their imaginations so that they may fearlessly explore new and diverse subjects. In the process they unexpectedly discover talents hidden within themselves, quickly adapt to new technology, and compassionately relate to all of God’s creations, no matter how different or how unloved.


As you make your way around our website, we encourage you to spend a few minutes learning about the benefits we provide to our students and their families here in Fremont. Christian school programs, as you will find, will help develop your child both intellectually and spiritually as they progress toward graduation. We also encourage you to learn about the skills that enable us to consistently deliver those benefits. Please stop by our unique Discovery Center to see what other wonderful things are taking place on the Kimber Hills Academy private campus.

Kimber Hills Preschool is really an extension of your home and our church. Within a safe, warm, and loving atmosphere we offer a positive educational experience for Toddlers (18-30 months, ratio 1:6) and preschoolers (2.6-5 years, ratio 1:10).

A carefully supervised and balanced program is offered to assist your child in their learning process. Our faculty give personal attention to enrich the development and nurturing of each child physically, mentally, and spiritually. (Please note: Preschoolers aged 3.0-5+, must be completely potty trained)

We are committed to a readiness program in an atmosphere that is both stimulating and fun. This includes varied activities of play, reading readiness, music appreciation, stories, large and small motor skills, creative art, math, science, and health. Our spacious playground lends itself to many creative play experiences. Our fully qualified, Christian teachers consider each child entrusted to their care as unique and special. All of which provide for an educational experience of lasting value.

As a Christian school, God is made present in our classrooms, hallways, and playground so that students of all religious backgrounds might benefit from learning and living Christian values.

One of the unique emphases of Kimber Hills Preschool is our study of character traits. A character trait curriculum is used in each classroom, focusing on one trait for a two week period of time (example: honesty, thankfulness, self-control). Real life opportunities exist throughout the school day for the children to exercise and test the traits they are learning.

Kimber Hills Preschool in Fremont, California

At Kimber Hills Academy we offer an exceptional preschool program for both toddlers and preschoolers. We provide a warm and loving atmosphere where the children can have a positive educational experience. Our program is carefully supervised and provides an interactive experience involving education, compassion, creativity, confidence and love. This includes varied activities of play, reading readiness, music, stories, creative art, science, health, all of which provide an education of lasting value in the physical, mental, and emotional development of children. The teaching of Jesus is shared throughout the entire curriculum.


You can keep up-to-date with the Kimber Hills Preschool Monthly newsletter: Preschool News Flash.


If you would like more information about our Christian based education programs and schools, please contact our Fremont CA office today. Our friendly staff can answer your questions about our exceptional school.