Let’s Have Fun Dancing !!!

This class is for children in preschool who have taken previous dance classes with me. This is the second stage in their development in dance. Students in this class will learn the content described in Beginner class 1 (beginning) and will also learn dances at the next level. Classes are designed to learn and review proper techniques to be successful and grow together in fun and expressive ways!

In class your child (he/she) will learn dances from 3 of the Polynesian Islands…   Hawaii, New Zealand and Tahiti. Each Island & Culture has its own distinct style. Your child will have fun learning the basic dance steps/techniques and language terminology while growing in the areas of dance knowledge, confidence, poise, personality and community! The name of our Halau is “Hula Halau Ko ‘Olina” means: Fulfillment of Joy!

A Short Bio… My given name is Leilani…I was named after the 1934 Song “Sweet Leilani” which means: Heavenly Child/Flower.  I am half Spanish from my Mother’s side and Portuguese/Chinese from my Father’s side. My Father and 3 generations before him were born & raised in the Hawaiian Islands. My Parents enrolled me in Hula & Tahitian lessons with my first Kumu (Teacher) Ehu Lani Lum at age three. She was the one who ignited the love of dance and “Aloha Spirit” in my heart. I have been teaching dance and performing in numerous show throughout the Bay Area for over 23 years now.

My Goal Is: To Create An Atmosphere of Fun through Music, Dance, & Worship!

  • Look forward to having an EXCITING CULTURAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE !!!



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