Let’s Have Fun Dancing !!!

In class your child (he/she) will learn dances from 3 of the Polynesian Islands…   Hawaii, New Zealand and Tahiti. Each Island & Culture has its own distinct style. Your child will have fun learning the basic dance steps/techniques and language terminology while growing in the areas of dance knowledge, confidence, poise, personality and community! The name of our Halau is “Hula Halau Ko ‘Olina” means: Fulfillment of Joy!

A Short Bio… My given name is Leilani…I was named after the 1934 Song “Sweet Leilani” which means: Heavenly Child/Flower.  I am half Spanish from my Mother’s side and Portuguese/Chinese from my Father’s side. My Father and 3 generations before him were born & raised in the Hawaiian Islands. My Parents enrolled me in Hula & Tahitian lessons with my first Kumu (Teacher) Ehu Lani Lum at age three. She was the one who ignited the love of dance and “Aloha Spirit” in my heart. I have been teaching dance and performing in numerous show throughout the Bay Area for over 23 years now.

My Goal Is: To Create An Atmosphere of Fun through Music, Dance, & Worship!

  • Look forward to having an EXCITING CULTURAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE !!!



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