Did you know that when your child is building and stacking with blocks they are learning very important math readiness skills?

Even though it looks like play, blocks help children discriminate between shapes and size. Children are able to learn how equal parts can make a whole. Blocks are great for helping children to understand the concepts of measuring length and determining the value of making things equally proportionate.

In the process of building with blocks, children’s brains are actively learning through sorting, estimating, and problem solving.

In addition to important math skills, children are learning valuable science skills too. As the blocks are stacked higher and higher children learn about balance, weight distribution and eventually, gravity as the blocks come tumbling down. And, even though the blocks do fall and the effort might not have been successful, children are learning to try again and determine ways to improve on their first efforts which contributes to a sense of accomplishment, positive self-esteem and successful accomplishment of a task. There certainly is a lot to be learned while playing in a pile of blocks!

Diane Hurst

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