Discovering New Priorities

    Cell phones have certainly been a welcomed convenience in our society. They are very useful when it comes to keeping families and business associates in touch with each other. They are a comfort when traveling long distances on the highway. Although not always safe, it is quite common to see people talking on their head set cell phones while driving to and from their destinations.

    As nice and convenient as it is to have a cell phone, it can prevent parents from spending valuable time talking with their children. Travel time in the car is a great time for parents and children to talk with each other. It’s a perfect time to find out about your child’s day at school or just talk about whatever might be on their mind.

    When parents make talking to their children a priority, it reinforces to the child that they are important and their thoughts and opinions are valued. Through talking together, the family unit is strengthened and children learn they can trust their parents enough to tell them anything. Children also learn to trust and value the words, thoughts and opinions of their parents.

    So, the next time you are in the car with your children, try taking off the cell phone head set and talk to your children instead. You might be surprised at all they have to say! The time invested in talking with your child will reap wonderful rewards for your entire family.

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