In a desire to help all students open their minds to reach beyond their God-given potential, Kimber Hills Academy offers intervention for students who have experienced learning difficulties and also for 5 and 6 year olds who may be at risk for reading difficulties.

The Discovery Program

KHA is unique in that we offer on campus therapy for those with learning difficulties, through The Discovery Program. Parents, the classroom teacher and the therapist work closely together monitoring progress, insuring the classroom experience is conducive to the learning styles and addresses the learning challenge of the student. Parents in turn provide the continuity and support at home with specific coaching from the therapist. It’s a win win situation for the student.

KHA has partnered with the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) to treat observed, assumed and underlying causes of learning difficulties. KHA’s NILD, The Discovery Program has been in existence for over 15 years. Working closely one on one with a therapist, students’ confidence and competence grow as they are challenged at a higher level than they are currently functioning which in turn, challenges them to reach a higher level of performance. For details of this organization and it’s philosophy and methodology visit their website at

Students are taught how to think other than what to think. Students are taught strategies and given tools to enable them to overcome specific learning weaknesses, and are trained to view themselves as ready, confident learners. The goal of KHA’s Discovery Program is to help students develop tools of independent learning in the classroom and beyond.

NILD Program

Offered as individual sessions session, students receive two 80 minutes educational therapy a week, which include a variety of techniques designed to address students’ specific areas of difficulty. These techniques are designed to help students think, reason and process information, which are all applied to reading, writing, spelling and math. Ongoing collaboration between the classroom teacher, parents and therapist to personalize and track student’s progress and application of the skills practiced.

KHA’s NILD therapists are trained and certified in the NILD methodology, which requires continuing education at the graduate level to receive further certification in this program. For more information see

Potential NILD Discovery Center Students

Students who are experiencing frustration with school work in the areas of spelling, handwriting, expressing themselves in writing or speaking, reading and math, would most likely benefit from NILD Discovery Center therapy. The goal of this program is for these students to become independent and successful in a regular classroom, equipped with their personal tools to face the challenges of further education and life. As a team, the NILD Educational Therapist, parents and the classroom teacher will confer and work together for this end result. Our experience is that this process usually take a minimum of 3 years.

Search and Teach Program

The Search and Teach Program is designed for younger students who may be at risk for difficulties in reading and perceptual foundational skills which are necessary building blocks for education success. This early intervention program meets the educational needs of young learners before they experience the frustration of learning failure.

Annual Fees include initial testing and materials for testing and therapy sessions. For details and scholarship information, please contact Stephanie Louie at for more information.

To learn more about the Discovery Center and how it may benefit your son or daughter, please contact Stephanie Louie, Discovery Center Director, at 510.657.0123 ext. 155 or via email at