Enough Time to Just Play

Experts agree that playing is a child’s most important work. It’s how children learn and grow. Play teaches social and problem solving skills. It builds children’s imaginations. It helps them develop physically.

To help your child reap the wonderful benefits of play:

– Don’t over-schedule your child. Make sure they have at least one hour of free playtime every day.

– Show your interest. Children play longer when parents are involved.

– Show your respect for play. Don’t try to change the rules or the goals of the play/game.

– Don’t redirect dramatic or negative play. Children use play to let out feelings they can’t express in real life. It’s good to let them work through these emotions in the safe “play” environment.

– Stretch your child’s imagination. Ask open-ended questions like, “What will you be serving at your tea party?”

– Provide play props and raw materials. Pots, dishes, jewelry, tools. Blocks, games, old clothes, crayons, paints and other art supplies all make great props.

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