The Extended Day Care (EDC) Program at Kimber Hills Academy provides a safe environment for your Kindergartner through 5th Grader before and after school.

Parent Details


EDC doors open at 7am and the children are dismissed to School supervision at 8am. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, EDC opens at 3pm. On Wednesday, EDC opens at 2pm. EDC concludes daily at 6:00pm. Late fees are $10 every minute beginning at 6:01pm.

Registration/Release Form

Please be sure you have a current EDC Registration Form on file in EDC. This is separate from the form you filled out for the School office. It is very important in allowing us to release your child and contact you after the office has closed should the need arise. If someone not designated on your release form will be picking up your child on a specific day, you must submit a pre-written note of approval. This is for the safety of your child.

Picture ID

As the school year begins, and new staff is in training, please be prepared to show a picture ID when picking up your child. Anyone not listed on the child’s release form will be asked to go to the School office. Although there will be times when you may feel this creates unnecessary delays, we assure you it is for the safety of your son or daughter.

What Happens in EDC?

Safe & Secure

Our first responsibility is to provide a safe and secure environment for your child before and after school. The staff is trained to give fair and loving attention to the needs of your child and to assist in settling any concerns.

Homework Room

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we provide a mandatory homework room along with our computer lab. This is a great opportunity to finish homework in a quiet environment. This also provides more family time for you and your child.

Arts & Crafts Room

Twice a week Arts & Crafts meets. This is a very exciting and fun time for the children and it’s free.

Snack Program

EDC kids love the snack program and there are many snacks from which to choose, to include popcorn, soup, granola bars, chips, cornnuts, and lemonade. If you would like your child to participate in this program, please purchase a snack card. You may stipulate the amount of daily spending as well as your preferences, allergies, and/or restrictions. We will monitor this for you. Buying a snack card often reduces the problem of lost money.

Supervised Free Play

We supervise the children at play. The EDC children have access to the upper grade playground equipment, the basketball courts, hoola hoops, tether ball, four square and a number of inside rooms for board games, building blocks, legos, puzzles, books, movies, drawing, and more.

What About My Kindergartner?

We realize you may have apprehensions about leaving your kindergartner, so we want you to know that we do understand. We love and care about your little one and have taken into consideration that he/she may feel a little overwhelmed at first. One of the steps we are taking in the program to help reduce apprehension is to pick the kindergarten children up from their teacher in the Atrium. We walk them down to Room 8. They hang up their backpacks and have their snack. They are then escorted outside.

Rules & Things

Compliance with Kimber Hills Academy’s general rules and policies is essential for all children enrolled in EDC. Disputes arising between children will be settled by the EDC staff. More serious issues (rock throwing, fighting, etc.) will be brought to the attention of the Director. Repeated issues will be brought to the attention of the School Administration and may be cause for suspension from the EDC program. Injuries and any actions taken are also communicated to the Director.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our EDC program, please don’t hesitate to call or schedule a time to speak with a member of our school staff. The number is 510.651.KIDS