Smiling faces. Happy voices. These are just some of the things teachers love to see and hear every day at school. What else do they like to see? Children who are ready to learn. How can you help your child be prepared from the moment he walks into the classroom? One way is to practice the following behaviors at home.

– Picking Up. You can help your youngster be responsible for keeping his space neat. Ask him to pick up his own toys and belongings and put them away. It will later help him keep his desk and backpack organized.

– Sharing. Keep playthings on hand that encourage sharing between children. Examples: paints, a box of crayons, board games. Sharing with siblings or friends at home can teach your child to share supplies, books, and playground equipment with schoolmates.

– Being patient. When your child quietly sits at the doctor’s office or stands in line at the store, point out her good behavior. “Thank you for being so patient!” Explain that she’ll need to practice patience at school too. Examples: when she’s waiting for the teacher’s help in class, while standing in the lunch line.

– Sticking with it. Boost your child’s confidence with encouraging comments and suggestions. For instance, say, “I know you can do it,” or “Let’s solve this problem together.” Learning determination will help him tackle new challenges at school and feel less frustrated.

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