Help Your Child Learn to Write Their Name

Parent Tip

It’s a very exciting event for a child when they can say, “I can write my name!”  At Kimber Hills Preschool, we’re preparing your child for this moment in several ways:

The 3’s are shown name cards for recognition games and self-concept building.

The 4’s and 5’s are using name wipe-off cards in class and are now beginning to refine their name on a line.

To make your own name wipe-off card at home: Use a piece of tag board about 10”x5”; Place a lined strip of paper (see example) in the center; Make a dotted outline of the letters in a dark pen or marker; Cover card with clear contact paper; Your child can then trace over the dots with crayon and then wipe them off with a tissue for more practice.

Please encourage your child at home, but take care not to instruct them to write their name in all capital letters.  Proper instruction would have the first letter capitalized, followed by lower case letters.

The size and style of lettering shown below is appropriate for instruction.  KHP uses a manuscript alphabet.


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