Kimber Hills Academy’s teachers and staff work closely together to deliver the following curriculum to Elementary School students.

Bible Classes

Daily prayer, lessons, weekly Chapels, Christian Character Trait.

Language Arts Program

Phonics, Pre-reading (Kindergarten), Reading and Literacy (K-4th grades), including Grammar, Writer’s Workshop, Reader’s Workshop, Journals, Blogs, etc.


Including a 4th grade California History Field Trip to the state capitol and other historical sites.


The Full Option Science System springs from a philosophy of learning at the Lawrence Hall of Science that has guided the development of successful active-learning science curricula for more than 25 years. The FOSS developers are dedicated to the proposition that students learn science best by doing science. Teachers and students do science together when they open the FOSS kits, engaging in enduring experiences that lead to deeper understanding of the natural world.


California Academic Standard based curriculum building strong number sense in the lower grades; hands on tools for each student.


Tools in the classroom for the learning experience and dedicated computers for student’s use; dedicated Learning Center, Resource Center and C.O.W. (Computers on Wheels – Macbook cart) for regularly scheduled students’ use – lower grades learning how to use the tools and upper grades learning to use computer for assignments; touch typing taught.

Physical Education

Assessment of student’s skills and present and teach skills that are in compliance with the California State Standards.


Projects are incorporated in curriculum and art history, introduction of the masters are covered in preparation for the annual Art Fair.


Vocal training, choral, introduction of musical instruments and music genre; annual musical choral presentations; Beginning and Intermediate Band for 4th and 5th grade; Band concerts.

Field Trips

To extend the educational experiences, field trips include Pumpkin Patch, Monterey Bay Aquarium, California Academy of Science, Zeum, Children’s Discovery Museum, Oakland Zoo, Petting Zoo (on site), Chabot Observatory, theatrical plays, the overnight 4th Grade Sacramento field trip, etc.

Student Competition

Spelling Bee, Speech Meet, and Math Olympics Summer Enrichment Program.