New Lunch Menu Update

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Newark Unified School District’s Child Nutrition Services for your student’s daily meal needs. This year, we will be offering a full week of lunches for your students. Each month we will provide a menu of scheduled lunches for Monday through Thursday. These lunches follow the guidelines of the Healthy Hungry Free Kids Act. We will continue to offer our pizza meal on Fridays as a separate option.

In order to provide this option at this price we are required to place orders on a weekly and monthly basis, single meals cannot be purchased. If you want to participate in this meal program you will need to purchase meals weekly in advance of that week. No refunds will be given for missed meals. The cost will be $4 per meal or $16 per week, Monday through Thursday, to feed your student a delicious and nutritious lunch (minus any days like holidays).

On Fridays we will continue our “Pizza Fridays” which includes either a slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza and will include salad and fruit.