When you read aloud to your child, you want to capture their imagination. You want to get him or her involved. These tips for reading aloud can help you do this:

  • Get familiar with the book beforehand. When you know what the story is about, you can be more expressive and point out interesting things in the pictures.
  • Let your child participate. Ask him/her to turn the pages and make sound effects.Teach him/her to say or chant the repeating lines.
  • Read slowly and expressively. Use different voices and tones.
  • Feel free to skip words you know are too difficult for your child.
  • Start by looking at the cover.  Read the title and the name of the author. Ask your child to predict what might happen in the story based on the cover.
  • Allow lots of time to look at the illustrations.Talk about the things in the pictures and what’s going on.
  • Talk about the story. Some children like to read straight through and then talk.  Others enjoy predicting what will happen next while reading.

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