What you need:

– Seeds from grapefruit, orange, lemon or tangerine

– A flower pot

– Soil

 How To:

1. Soak the seeds in water overnight.

2. Fill the flower pot with soil.

3. Plant 3 or 4 seeds about half an inch deep.

4. Keep soil moist. Water once or twice a week.

5. Keep pot in a warm, bright place. The seedlings will sprout in about 8 weeks. Leave only the strongest plant in the pot. It will grow into a little tree with dark, shiny leaves. Young children use all their senses to learn, including touch. The experiences below will help your child get “in touch” with math:

  • Give your youngster a pile of cereal in different shapes and sizes. Ask him/her to sort them into groups. He/she could choose shapes (circles, squares, triangles), colors, or even flavors!
  • Use a variety of objects for counting practice. Try blocks, spoons, or paper plates-almost anything can be counted.
  • Cut different lengths of yarn or ribbon to teach comparison skills. Ask your child which piece is longest. Which one is shortest? Widest? Skinniest?
  • Have your youngster use his hands to measure. Ask him to find objects that are the same length as his index finger, his thumb, and his whole hand.

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