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New Student Application Fee

A $250 non-refundable Application Fee must accompany each new Kindergarten to 5th grade student application and $150 non-refundable Application Fee for each new preschool student application. Upon acceptance, the first month’s tuition is due and is non-refundable.

Returning Student Re-enrollment Fee

A $250 non-refundable Re-enrollment Fee for returning Kindergarten through 5th Grade students and $150 non-refundable Re-enrollment Fee for returning Preschool students must accompany each returning student application. The maximum re-enrollment fee per family is $500.

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Tuition Rates for 2017-18 Academic Year

The school is funded by means of tuition as well as the gifts and volunteer services of its parents. Educational services are provided for the student on the basis of an annual tuition. For purposes of all tuition, discounts, and credits, the oldest child enrolled is always designated as the 1st Child.


Half Day
8:45am – 11:45am

2yrs. 6mo. – 5+yrs

  • Ratio/ 1:10
  • Healthy Snack/ mid-morning

Core Day
8:30am – 3:30pm

2yrs. 6mo. – 5+yrs.

  • Ratio/ 1:10
  • Healthy Snack/ mid-morning
  • Healthy Snack/ afternoon

Full Day
7am – 6pm

2yrs. 6mo. – 5+yrs.

  • Ratio/ 1:10
  • Healthy Snack/ mid-morning
  • Healthy Snack/ afternoon

Multiple Student Discount

A family having two or more students enrolled in Kimber Hills Academy (KHA), is eligible for a Multiple Student Discount. Each toddler or preschool student, of a multiple student family, enrolled in a core or full day schedule will receive a $500 discount on their tuition (applied monthly September-June). For our K-5 program, there is a $1,000 discount off the annual K-5 published tuition rate for the second child. There is a $2,000 discount off the annual K-5 published tuition rate for the third child. The fourth child and each child thereafter in grades K-5 attend Kimber Hills Academy (KHA) free.

Parents-In-Education Credit

Parents may participate in our Parents-In-Education (PIE) volunteer program beginning the first day of school and ending on May 13, 2017 (Hours must be recorded by parents in the PIE log books by May 13). Tuition credit will be given for hours volunteered at $10 per hour for up to 10 hours for the 1st Child and 3 hours for each additional child. This credit will be given on the June 2017 billing of tuition.

Additional Costs

There will be additional costs for Extended Day Care (see below), sports, band, the California History Trip (4th grade).

Payment Plan

Parents of new students must set up a tuition payment plan with FACTS Tuition Management.  Sign up online here. An on-line completed Automatic Tuition Payment Agreement is required to complete your child’s enrollment process.  Returning students will automatically be re-enrolled with FACTS. The following payment plans are offered.

  1. 12-Month EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) Plan, starting July 2016 and ending June 2017.
  2. Prepaid Annual Tuition Plan – To receive a 5% discount, pay tuition in full by setting up a one-time EFT. A completed EFT Agreement is required by May 30, 2016, and a full payment must be successfully transferred no later than July 5, 2016.
  3. Prepaid Semi-Annual Tuition Plan – To receive a 2% discount, make two semi-annual equal payments by setting up an EFT with transfers scheduled for July 5, 2016 and January 5, 2017.

Should a student enroll after the first day of school, tuition will be prorated from the first date of attendance.  Students enrolling between the 1st and the 15th of the month will pay full tuition for the entire month; students who enroll between the 16th and the 31st of the month will pay one-half month’s tuition.

Missed Payments / Returned Checks

In case of unexpected financial crisis, please contact the KHA Finance Office as soon as possible so that we can facilitate an alternate payment plan and help you avoid additional fees.

  1. FACTS assesses a $25 returned payment fee for each failed EFT payment attempt.
  2. Kimber Hills charges a $25 service fee for all returned checks.
  3. Parents whose tuition and EDC fees become more than 30 days in arrears will not be allowed to send their children to school/EDC until tuition/EDC fees are brought current or arrangements for payment are made through the KHA Finance Office.
  4. Official withdrawal must be made by completing a withdrawal form in the office and will be prorated based on the date of withdrawal and annual tuition rate.
  5. All outstanding balances accrued within the previous school year must be paid in full by August 31st of that year in order for the student to attend the first day of the upcoming school year.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

(This applies to all fees: Tuition, Band, EDC, Sports, etc.) To begin the withdrawal process, a “Withdrawal Notice” form must be filled out and returned to the Ministry Support Center.  The official date of withdrawal is the date the signed form is returned to the Ministry Support Center.  The last date of enrollment is the last day the child attends the school. Two weeks notice of withdrawal is required.

  • Enrollment ending from the 1st to the 15th of the month equals one-half month’s refund.
  • Enrollment ending from the 16th to the 31st receives no refund for that month.
  • Withdrawal without two weeks’ notice will result in no refund of any kind.
  • The first two months are non-refundable.
  • There are no refunds for absences.

Extended Day Care (EDC)

Information and registration forms for EDC rates are included in the New Student Application, Re-Enrollment Packets, Back-To-School Packets and available at the Ministry Support Center.

    1. Before School.  Supervision before school begins, is available for an additional fee to parents who must bring their children to school between 7-8a.m.
    2. After School. EDC supervision is available after school for an additional fee and by advance payment. A discounted flat monthly rate, and an occasional-use rate, are offered.  Arrangements for the discounted flat monthly rate and the occasional-use rate must be made with the KHA Finance Office before student attends EDC. This service is offered to parents who cannot pick their children up by dismissal time. Regular drop-in service is not available. EDC closes promptly at 6p.m.
    3. Emergency Drop-In Rate.  Parents who are unable to pick up their children by dismissal time due to an unexpected emergency and utilize EDC without payment in advance will be charged the Emergency Drop-In Rate. Repeated emergency drop-ins will not be available, as all EDC afterschool services must be pre-paid.
    4. Late Pick-Up Fee.
        • A $10.00 fee will be charged for pick-up after 5p.m. for Option 1.
        • An additional visit will be charged for pick-up after 5p.m. for Option 3.
        • A $10.00 per minute fee will be charged for any child picked up after 6p.m.


Emergency Drop-In and Late Pick-up fees will be added to the EFT payment plan with a minimum of 20 days notice.