Each year we assess our preschool students for kindergarten readiness. As we assess we are looking for overall developmental readiness as well as the ability to speak and understand sufficient English to successfully master the curriculum in our kindergarten classrooms.

Occasionally a student will assess well developmentally but will exhibit significant difficulty with the English language skills required to be successful in our kindergarten program. There is nothing amiss with the student’s ability to learn, he/she simply needs more time to acquire critical basic English language skills.

The ability to speak and think in more than one language is a wonderful gift to give to a child! However, a young child often experiences challenges in acquiring two or more languages at the same time.

To help a child who is being challenged by acquiring a second language we strongly recommend that parents model English usage in the home for a portion of the time that is spent with their child. Without this modeling it makes it much more difficult for a child to become fluent in English. Fluency involves both the ability to understand what is being heard and to verbally respond appropriately in the same language. We also recommend that at least one English language story book is read together each day. After reading the book aloud the parent/adult needs to ask questions in English about the story. Encourage your child to respond in English sentences that make sense. It is also recommended that at least two educational English language television programs be viewed each week with your child. After the viewing, the parent needs to ask comprehension questions in English and encourage responses in English. In doing this you are helping your child to think and respond in English, a critical skill necessary for success in school. At KHP it is our goal to ensure success for each student. Our assessment procedure, evaluation and recommendations enable us to partner together with you to provide continuing successful educational experience for your child here at Kimber Hills Preschool.

Diane Hurst

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