If you found it difficult to drop off your child at school this morning, please know that you are not alone. The first few weeks of school can be very difficult for little ones who are just learning to separate from mom and dad. Like you, many parents are trying to stay and comfort their child in the hope that their child will have a better day. However, please remember that the best way to help your child get through this adjustment period is for you to bring your child to the classroom, sign in, give a reassuring kiss and hug good-bye and then leave. Our teachers expect children to experience “separation anxiety” and they are prepared to help your child. The longer parents stay in classrooms or linger in hallways, the more difficult it will be for your child to adjust. Please help us help your child by leaving the facility promptly. We assure you that if there is a problem, we will call you. Of course, you may always call to check on how your child is doing. Teachers will be happy to return any phone messages for concerned parents as soon as possible. Remember, later, when your child has adjusted, we welcome you to visit and observe and even be a part of your child’s classroom experience on occasion. Give it a few weeks and pretty soon the tears will be replaced with smiles…for your child and for you!

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