Time to consider Kimber Hills Kindergarten!

Kimber Hills Academy would love to welcome your child to Kindergarten! You already know from your child’s Preschool experiences that Kimber Hills Academy emphasizes high academic standards and Christian values, so why not consider KHA for your child’s Kindergarten experience?

 KHA Kindergarten offers a full day program, as well as a half day option.  Both programs are designed to prepare children for an accelerated 1st grade while balancing developmental and age-appropriate expectations. In our full day program, children have additional opportunities to experience vocal arts, creative arts, computer learning and physical education. Large and cheerful classrooms allow children space for exploring various learning areas as well as structured seat work. The same curriculum is taught in each of the classrooms by experienced teachers whose varying teaching styles compliment both the program and children. For the convenience of working parents, extended day care is offered before and after school for an additional fee.

 Children entering KHA Kindergarten must be 5 years old by November 2, 2013. They must exhibit a developmental readiness in most areas (social, emotional, physical, cognitive) and have developed an attention span that will allow them to sit and remain focused for approximately 10 minutes without interruption. Your child’s current Preschool teacher would be happy to answer any questions you may have pertaining to your child’s readiness to enter Kindergarten.

 For additional information regarding Kindergarten enrollment, please do not hesitate to stop by the school office. Remember, a positive beginning in your child’s education will have far reaching benefits in your child’s life.  KHA would love the opportunity to start your child down the path of educational success.

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